San Francisco

San Francisco

What- 300 Blankets


Who- local people that reside in Sf homeless shelter


Where- Next-door homeless shelter SF


When - March 25, 2017


“Our give ones go to real people.  People who are struggling.” - Carly, Sky and Arrow


     March 25, 2017.  Tears and chills...  That’s the best way I can sum up our very first solo event held in the actual shelter, in San Francisco, Calif.   So life changing.  And so much thanks to our friend, Jennifer Kavanaugh.  You have been such a treasure in finding places that are in true need. Which is what awesome looks like!


       So different to be in San Francisco as an adult, and see things so much more real...  It’s so crazy to walk like three blocks and you're in a beautiful hotel district, and in a matter of minutes, there you are in a sketchy area.  So crazy! 

      The Next-door Homeless shelter, In the heart of San Francisco, was a much more intimate and surreal setting.  


     With 300 blankets to donate,  we were excited, hopeful, and also thoughtful about being a part of such close interaction. 


People were lined up outside of the shelter.


      It was an overwhelming feeling.  As they came in, we listened to personal stories of loss, and heartache.

      These people were so kind... some shared stories of losing everything, lots of veterans.

So many suffer from mental illness, they simply need access to medication; someone to care.  And these amazing people do care!



     It was fun to watch each person get to pick out their favorite color blanket....

One of my most treasured memories from  that day was when I happened to catch a woman through her blanket over her bed with such happiness.  She came and thanked us for making her feel so beautiful.   Tears filled all of our eyes!  We were so touched to see what one small act of love can do.


     You guys!  You make this happen with each and every purchase.  You amaze me with your generosity and kindness. 


      Thank you so much to my Sky and Arrow Tribe for making it possible for us to give our givens to real people who are struggling.  People who are so thankful!


      It’s humbling to live out our mission of spreading kindness ... to let love shine its brightest light over each person we get the opportunity to meet and beyond.


Kindness is Magic,