LA Block Party

LA Block Party

What - 700  blankets


Who - The homeless


Where - Skid Row


When- January 7 2017



     January 7, 2017.  I’ll never forget that day.  It was one of the most raddest days of my life.

As we took that drive from Orange County into LA, I remember jumping into the truck being super pumped!  I had my husband, my ride or die, my best friend, Krystal, and 700  blankets.  Off we drove,  thankful and excited to do our little part in helping others feel a little more cozy, a little more toasty,  and a lot of love...


 I mean these are legit warm Mexican blankets!  And the BONUS is they are soft and pretty.  That was my heart. I wanted to give the same blankets that I handpick for my Tribe at Sky and Arrow. 

 Anyway,  with all that said,  we really had no idea of what to expect.  Like you probably, I’ve heard a lot of stories about what goes on the streets of L.A.  Some of it so sad and hard to hear... Stories of heart break, mental illness, wounded warriors, mind numbing addiction, and then;  stories of heart piercing love... so much love...  So much compassion. Just a touch of goodness can change someones whole day.  And isn't that whats it’s about, really?  Getting through the day, (sometimes,  the long ass days,  just sayin)  Learning and loving,  giving and growing, at least thats my desire...

So as excited, and amazed I truly am, that I get to do this, I, on the other hand, do have my many things... lol


For instance.  

  1. I am kinda a germ phobe. (not proud lol)   and I ride on the anxious side .. (not proud of that either lol.. ) which is always a fun time... not going to lie, the sweating.  FOR SURE.  Is  going to kill. Me. LOL  Anyway!  Ready or not.  This is happening, and we’re straight rolling up to Skid Row.  I was definitely feeling a little freaked out, because... 


  1. I like to know what’s next, and with something like this there’s just no way of knowing what to expect. How would the people respond to us being there??    Would they be nice?  Would they want to talk with us??  So many questions in my head. 


     We Met up with a local non profit event called C3 they were hosting the Block Party .  And a Party it was.  As we were walking around the event, I was thinking, wow, this is inspiring. 


     We had haircuts,  portable showers,  table tops pilled high with clothes.  Pet care items.  Hot food.  And jump houses for the kids and our blanket area.  


     We had 700 colorful, bright blankets ready to share a little  joy and love.


We had a lot of volunteers that day, and a lot of kids! It was so awesome to see their eager hearts wanting to give.


     What a cool opportunity to give these young people a chance to experience giving to people who have nothing.   Their smiles were so contagious.


     A huge part of my vision is teaching first hand what giving feels like, and what giving is...  and we are over the moon with gratitude to love this into action as well as words.


  My children are just a little too young to bring to many of these events;  so they decided they wanted to raise socks! Socks are also a huge need to the homeless. Our 6 year old son raised 1,000 pairs of socks through his school.  No matter how old you can make a difference .


 So with 700 blankets, and 1,000 pairs of socks,  the excitement was building . A huge line of people were waiting to get in.

As they opened up the blocked streets, my heart was bursting.


Just lines and lines of people!


Hearing  “these are so pretty” , “thank you so much”, “ Can we pick a color”, It was so life changing.


The smiles , hugs and tears! This is why we do what we do. It might seem little, but man you guys when your in it,  and your there, Its a big deal.


People need to feel cared about, loved, thought about. With your support we are able to make a difference in someones life. In a lot of people lives.


Thank you for all who support us and give us this opportunity to make people feel loved and thought about!


Kindness is magic.