In a world you can be anything, be kind.



Sky & Arrow was founded by Carly and Tyler. It started with a passion to raise up the next generation. We want to live by example & teach our children what compassion and kindness towards people in need looks like. We also love being outside with our family and friends, something about fresh air that's just so good for the soul. Blankets are always a great adventure staple.

With Carly's love of handmade textiles and rad earthy vibes, she thought what a great way to show compassion for our friends on the streets with a beautiful blanket. Fun colors to bring joy and softness for comfort. Our stance is to totally inspire. We have a vision of three perspectives:

1. We envision cultivating relationships and creating memories around our blankets.  Beach days, desert bonfires, adventures in the mountains, and being awestruck over epic views, all while knowing the blanket in tow is an act of kindness.

2. We see acts of kindness. A sense of warmth, comfort and even security to someone else who wouldn't have otherwise.

3. By building relationships with hard working people who are trying to provide for their families by selling these handmade items. We support them and give them business, which in turn, leads to better quality of life.

We picked the name Sky & Arrow because it's limitless and we are shooting our arrows in the sky and helping as many people as the sky's the limit.

Our heartbeat is to make a difference in this world.

Thank you for your support, you are gold!

Sky&Arrow is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit

For every blanket that is purchased we give a blanket to someone in need.

Get one give one.

Everything we sell goes to a purpose of helping someone in need. We support other Non-Profits to help spread kindness all over the world.

We are currently partnering up with Compassion Covers California. We are going to be apart of there next outreach taking place in San Francisco, LA, and San Diego. They have a goal of getting 2100 blankets - 700 to each city. This will help a lot of our friends on the streets this winter. We are so excited for this sweet partnership.

Our blankets are handmade in Mexico, Out of recycled clothing! Good for us good for our planet.

Spreading kindness, one blanket at a time. 

 Process time is 6-12 business days for your order to be shipped out. All SALELS are final.