We are a registered  non profit 501( c) (3) . We are a one for one company. 


Giving, the heart of our company. So when we first started Sky& Arrow and started talking about how we were going to give quality was my biggest concern. I wanted to make sure we were giving a product that I would want to receive .


We looked at the standard “donation” blankets and I just wanted more. Something that would last a little longer, provide a little more warmth, and little more cushion for sitting on.


We can proudly say that we give the exact same blankets you buy. How cool is that we give beautifully colored Mexican blankets . Its so fun to give these kind of blankets and get a response of how wonderful they are and pretty! When you have nothing and your given something that  is functional and makes your heart feel happy. Thats what it is all about .


When you buy from us you can feel good about we give. Thank you for your support in helping us spread kindness one blanket at a time. 


We give to more than just homeless. We give to natural disaster , homeless shelters , we want to cover it all.